Anyone considering beginning a dance or fitness program/class/workshop/retreat should consult a doctor or physician before starting.  This applies to ALL online and live classes/workshops/events/retreats hosted by WWW.DANCEBOSS.CO.UK DANCEBOSS/EMILYSOPHIE.

If you feel faint or experience dizziness, pain in your chest area or shortness of breath whilst exercising, you must stop immediately and contact your nearest doctor or local hospital.

Whilst beginning a dance program can burn calories, assist in weight loss, improve general health and wellbeing, DANCE BOSS/EMILY SOPHIE cannot make any guarantees as to specific weight loss or health benefits for every individual, as everyone’s body is different and results may vary.

Whilst not being able to guarantee results, the information/advice that is given by DANCE BOSS/EMILY SOPHIE has proven to be extremely transformative in her own life and comes from a place of experience and well as research and expertise. That being said, these transformations did not happen overnight and do require ongoing commitment and dedication to make them become habitual and a way of life, so fully engrossing yourself in this work is going to be the most beneficial in seeing your own results.

WWW.DANCEBOSS.CO.UK DANCE BOSS/EMILY SOPHIE is not liable for any liability, of any kind, resulting from the use of the WWW.DANCEBOSS.CO.UK website and/or services provided by DANCE BOSS/EMILY SOPHIE.




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Updated: September 2020

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