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The Dance Boss e-zine is filled with helpful tips and advice about all things self care, mindset and wellness for dancers, as well as interviews with professionals in the industry, Dance Boss of the month and so much more.

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About Dance Boss...

Dance Boss was created to be a positive space for dancers to thrive.

Focusing on a total mind/body wellness approach; we offer a free monthly e-zine, our exclusive Dance Boss Journal, Workbook and Notebook, as well as professional and nurturing events for dancers. Dance Boss has everything you need to become the best version of you, both in life and in your dance pursuits.

It's no secret that the dance world is often seen as an intimidating, tough place to be and it doesn't win any awards for being "Most nurturing" or "Best at encouraging self care" fact, the dance world focuses a lot on aesthetics and fitting a line up, which doesn't do wonders for people's self esteem, as you might imagine.

Hence the need for a shake up, (enter Dance Boss stage right) to help you become a strong dancer in your mind, body and soul, so you can pursue what you love most, whilst feeling healthy, happy and bursting with self confidence and belief.